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Monthly bundles

Rehearse regularly and want to save some money? If so, our monthly bundles are perfect for you. These work in conjunction with our online booking system - you choose a bundle and you will be allocated the bookings included within that bundle to use when you see fit. 

Our 4x 3-hour session bundle is £100, saving £20 against buying individually. Our 4x 6-hour session bundle is £175, saving £25 - that soon adds up!  

Bundles are managed through the members section of this site, which can be accessed from the site menu.

Ready to make some noise? Sign up for a bundle and make the most of your music! 

Choose your bundle

  • 4x 3-hour rehearsals

    Book in bulk and save £20!
  • Best Value

    4x 6-hour rehearsals

    Book your 6-hour rehearsals in bulk and save £25!
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