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Recording is where art and science collide

At Colossus, we believe firmly that the technology of recording should support the art of making music. We use our expert knowledge of recording techniques, carefully combining microphone choice and placement to ensure the best recording of each element of your music. 

We have a wide range of microphones with something suitable for every voice and every instrument, tracked through a beautiful sounding Soundcraft 48-channel large format console, using only the best Antelope Orion 32 converters to record into the computer. 

Recording starts at £40 per hour. Longer sessions are available at bulk pricing - 5 hour sessions are £150, and 10 hour sessions are £250. For larger projects requiring multiple sessions, please get in touch for a bespoke quote. 



Mixing is just like baking a cake;

The drums are the flour, the bass is the eggs, guitars are the milk, and the vocals are the icing on top. 

Without mixing, your recording is just a pile of ingredients. 

At Colossus, we use a combination of hardware and software to mix in a way that brings out the best in your music. The control room is where the magic happens, with bespoke acoustic treatment and best-in-class monitoring speakers that allows us to hear every single detail.

Every mixing project differs, so get in touch for a bespoke quote!


Mastering is the final step to getting your music ready for release. 

Using the latest digital software combined with the best listening environment, we take your finished mixed tracks and ensure that they sound perfect across all devices and formats. 

For remote mixes that need a little extra help, we also offer "stem" mastering as an intermediary between mixing and mastering. This is where you send mixed stem groups for each instrument bus, and we do the rest. 

Mastering is included with every project that we mix. If your track is already mixed and you only require mastering, this is offered at £30 per track, or £50 per track for stem mastering. 


Dry Hire

Are you an experienced engineer, just looking for a studio to work out of? 

Our studio is the perfect upgrade for any home studio producer, and our dry hire sessions are perfect for those that just want to work on their own projects by themselves in an acoustically treated space. 

All dry hire bookings are subject to a 30-ish minutes orientation. This gives me the opportunity to bring you up to speed on how this studio works and to ensure that you can get the most out of your session. This will be tagged on to the start of your first session, so get here half an hour early!

Dry hire sessions are designed to be flexible, and are booked by the hour with a minimum of 3 hours;

  • If only the control room is required, the rate is £15 per hour

  • If you require a live room as well, the rate is £20 per hour. 


Control Room

  • Soundcraft Series Five 48-channel recording console

  • Antelope Orion 32 audio interface

  • Audient ID14 USB interface

  • Custom 16-core PC with 32GB RAM and Radeon VII GPU, running macOS Catalina and Windows 10

  • Logic Pro X (other DAW's may be available on request)

  • Quested VS3208 main monitors

  • Yamaha MSP5 near field monitors

  • Sennheiser HD600 open-back headphones

  • Tascam 22-2 stereo tape machines x2 

  • Empirical Labs Distressor

  • Klark Teknik 76KT compressor

  • Little Labs Redeye reamper


Previously at Colossus

Here is a selection of previous work, which I hope you enjoy. 

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