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Dry hire puts
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Dry Hire

Are you an experienced engineer, just looking for a studio to work out of? 

Our studio is the perfect upgrade for any home studio producer, and our dry hire sessions are perfect for those that just want to work on their own projects by themselves in an acoustically treated space. 

All dry hire bookings are subject to a 30-ish minutes orientation. This gives me the opportunity to bring you up to speed on how this studio works and to ensure that you can get the most out of your session. This will be tagged on to the start of your first session, so get here half an hour early!

Dry hire sessions are designed to be flexible, and are booked by the hour with a minimum of 3 hours;

  • If only the control room is required, the rate is £15 per hour

  • If you require a live room as well, the rate is £20 per hour. 


How to Book

  1. First, select the booking form for your particular needs - do you just need the control room, or do you also need a Live Room? 

  2. On the booking form, select

Dry Hire Booking

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