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"Love your single, or your money back" guarantee

Terms and Conditions

What is this? 

This is exactly what it says it is: we will work on a single together, and if at the end of the process you are still not happy with the results, I will refund your payment. There is no obligation for this single to lead on to further works (an EP, album, etc).

With all of the services that I offer, payment is split; half to secure your booking, and half upon delivery of the final product (mix, recorded multitracks, etc). 

So what do I get? 

I will mix one (1) of your songs. 

Your project may require revisions towards the final stages, please see my FAQ for more information on this. I am happy to outsource any editing should your project require it, though I'm afraid these costs are non-refundable. If you do decide you would like a refund after this has been done, the edited files will be returned back to you. 

Mastering is not included.

This offer does not apply to recording projects, as there are simply too many moving parts to offer a refund in these scenarios. 


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

First Time Customers Only

This service is for customers that haven't worked with me before. The whole purpose of this service is for you to evaluate whether we are a good fit and whether my approach is one that works for you and your music. If you are a returning client, you will have experience working with me already and will know the quality of my work, so there is no need for money-back guarantee.

General rules and requirements

In order to receive a refund, the client must request the refund before requesting the final mix. If you request a refund, I will presume that you do not want the final products, and they will not be delivered. 

Upon delivering the third preview of a mix, you will have 72 hours to decide whether you would like to commit to my work, request another revision, or request a refund. Refunds for my time will not be available after the third revision, but this does not mean there is a commitment to pay for the finished mix (the payment due upon completion).  

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